Taurus Full Moon Kit – Pre Order


  • 1 Gram Northern Lights Pre-Roll
  • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Taurus Full Moon Ritual Card 
  • Sage Bundle for Smudging 

Orders will be available October 28 for Pick-up, Delivery or Shipping. Full order will be delivered together unless you’d like to pick-up the other parts of your order in advance.



  • The 2020 Taurus Full Moon takes place on October 31. The Full Moon is a beautiful time to release, forgive and offer gratitude. This is a sacred practice to generate deep change within your unconscious.My understanding of Astrology is fluid and has been interpreted through my sight. We each have free will to interpret and live as we choose <3 Be Empowered.An example of a Full Moon Ceremony using this Cultivate could include:
    • Create a quiet space where you can be with your ritual
    • Light the candle with intention of forgiveness and gratitude
    • Smoke your pre-roll
    • Make a list of places in your life where you can offer forgiveness, towards yourself or towards others….forgive yourself, forgive the other person.
    • Release it! Do you want to write a list and burn it or would you like to metaphorically release this person, situation, etc…?
    • Cultivate Gratitude. Think of a person, a place, a situation, something you are grateful for and revel in this gratitude. Let it sink into your body. Release your hips, soften your jaw, and really feel this gratitude!


    *please burn candles, papers, etc.. in a safe space and practice mindfulness when burning

    Northern Lights Strain: Relaxing and Stress Free aka “The Queen of Indicas”


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