Libra Full Moon Bundle – April 2020

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Cherry Wine 1g Pre-Roll ($12)

Appalachian Sacred Smoke Herbal Bundle ($14)

Crystal hand chosen for you ($4)

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Cherry Wine: Sativa dominant CBD flower with a flavor profile that is very savory, like drinking a bold Cabernet. This contains of 1g of ground flower in a hemp paper cone, to bit lit up and relished.

Appalachian Sacred Smoke: Sacred purifying smoke/smudge bundle. Handmade from plants grown and wildcrafted in southern Appalachia. Each bundle is made with love and intention


Libra is all about partnerships and balance, there’s not a more perfect time than now to find how you can bring balance to your life and partnerships. Read more from our friends at 2020 Libra Full Moon | How to Restore Some Order to Your Life.

For more insights specific to this week, check out our friend Gina Piccalo’s Weekly Forecast (April 5-11)


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