CBD Flower Sampler


1g each (3g total) or 3.5g each (10.5g total) of our 3 indoor grown top shelf CBD strains. Also available in 1/2 gram and full gram prerolls!

  • T1 – Indica
  • Cherry Wine – Sativa
  • Juicy Fruit – Sativa
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Premium Indoor CBD Flower Sampler

Want to try each of our indoor grown CBD flower strains? Our CBD Flower Sampler is available in either a 1g sampler pack (1g of each strain for a total of 3g) or a 3.5g sampler pack (3.5g of each strain for a total of 10.5g)… we’ve also added a 1/2g or 1g PreRoll sampler option!

Try each strain from our latest harvest (harvested 2/2/2020). We grow hemp flower indoors in the heart of Nashville… our plants are grown in living soil using organic/regenerative growing practices. We never use any pesticides or herbicides, and feed our hemp plants using Fox Farms Organic nutrients throughout their life cycle. Cannabis plants grown in soil mimics the outdoor environment that they’ve evolved to thrive in. This leads to happier plants, and happy hemp plants grow better CBD buds.

The combination of soil grown plants in a controlled indoor environment along with hand trimming and slow curing leads to beautifully aromatic smokeable hemp buds. The slow cure process helps preserve the natural terpenes and gives our CBD flower a smooth smoking experience.

Clara Jane’s CBD Flower Sampler includes each of the following strains:

Proudly grown by Clara Jane Hemp Dispensary in Nashville, Tennessee



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1/2g PreRoll, 1g, 3.5g, PreRoll


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